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        About us

        About us
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        contact us:86-595-85998889
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        KaiFeng machinery manufacturingco., Itd. be locatedat athleic shoes produce base named jinjiangcity, which is known for the Chinese and abroad, the company gather the development,produce,sell,service.Cover area more than 10 acreses,set up modern business enterprise of the standard factory premises.The company owns many experienced engineers,managers and technique elites,aim at the demand of the shoe factory,produce the shoes maching brand "yichang".

        Many years,compay has been insist the principle of management of "profession,superior quality,trustwo-rthiness,innovation",specialized research and produce hydraulic-pneumatic press the bottom machine series production. Because of our the good quality and best sfter-sales-services,the product sells to whole country,also sell to same nations and region of west Asia and south Asia still has South American,get the good evaluation.

        Along with high-speed development of the shoe making industr,we will work hard to make the equipment more advanced,practical,efficiently and economy energy,progress with everyone together,create the briliancy.

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